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A Body of Work Exploring Womanhood

“A Body of Work Exploring Womanhood” aims to visually communicate freethinking and authentic notions, specifically focusing on femininity and everyday scenes as a woman. The work celebrates all women regardless of their ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or age. Each poster captures an empowering sense, through the incorporation of vibrancy and fluidity. Implementing vivid colours, organic shapes, symbolism, and typographic elements, whilst pairing digital illustration with motion design, allowed this work to form a sense of vitality. Spreading awareness of womanhood and gender equality will help promote an equitable, peaceful and sustainable world where women are free to express themselves.

digital illustrations and text based graphics


supporting stickers

motion based posters

Tatjana Lynch

Tatjana Lynch is a digital illustrator and graphic designer, based in Brisbane, working on branding visual identities and visual aesthetics for driven brands. As a visual communicator, she has always had a strong focus on graphic design, digital illustration, content creation, and social media marketing.