Interactive & Visual

A Wasted World

A Wasted World, endeavours to create visually aesthetic photographical works that present critical information on the effects of overconsumption and waste within the fashion industry. The issues of sustainability and fashion are convoluted and over-saturated. The photographical series presented in A Wasted World will give narrative to these issues. Expressing concepts through visual means that have agency and place within the constantly developing world of fashion. Aiming to explore, in depth, this multifaceted realm, presenting inspiring visuals and layered imagery to begin re-conceptualising the conversation surrounding waste and fashion.

A wasted world

“I use Art and Fashion as a tool to initiate conversations about sustainability and how every decision we make has an impact on the planet”

– Nancy Judd (2016)

The photographic series manifested through an embodied installation consisting of hanging images, projection and soundscape. The images were hung across the space to create a walkthrough style of book. To elevate the concept further a projector was used to emulate a plastic covered space, married with a soundtrack of crinkling plastic to fully envelop the user in the experience. The process of production and the exhibition itself attempted exemplify the project’s aim in every way. This includes being produced with sustainable recycled materials, ethical and sustainable printing practices, and using waste alternatives wherever possible.

Saffron Lloyd

Saffron Lloyd is a passionate visual designer and content creator. Developing her style from a young age and growing up within the ever instagramable world she aspires to create conversational graphics which engage through visual aesthetic mediums. Personally torn between a deep love of the fashion industry and the knowledge of how wasteful and toxic that industry can be her work focuses rather on bridging the gap. Creating work that serves as discourse for issues and allows for personal reflection and nuanced thought.