Interactive & Visual


BARNSTORM is a satirically political boardgame and transmedia marketing campaign that is an active criticism of modern-day politicians. It tells the story of a presidential campaign of anthropomorphic animals over multiple platforms for the user to engage and interact with.

Since people naturally think narratively they categorise and restore information in the form of stories. Using stories, marketing theory and engaging design will influence consumer behaviour. By utilising the story over multiple interactive platforms to entertain audiences, I can encourage them to purchase BARNSTORM.

Each platform of the story should lead back to the boardgame as a marketing campaign.

BARNSTORM tells the story of a presidential run of a made up anthropomorphic animal country and the presidental candidates.

The story features Batty Bethany – the candidate representing the bat community – and her run for campaign by benefiting off of the oppression of the moth community. It is a message of political corruption, propaganda and how it affects voters in a fun, satirical and dark way.

The board game will be designed to educate it’s players while entertaining them, as well as teaching them negotiation and quick thinking skills. The campaign will be targeted towards teenagers and young adults.

The online animated TV show will be used to bring in more buyers of BARNSTORM as they will see the show, enjoy it, and wish to find out more of the story / get involved.

Since BARNSTORM is a card game, and is fully mechanically functional, different cards and physical aspects have been created.

Peripheral to the board game, a website, posters and animation have been created to increase sales of boardgame.

Jordan Staneke

Jordan has a passion for design through a business lens - approaching problems with both innovative solutions and strong strategy. Jordan strived to achieve high levels of quality, all with the client in mind.