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Common Ground

COVID-19 has sparked worldwide protests following events of Coronavirus-fuelled racism and police brutality against racial minorities. These incidents of racial prejudice and discrimination have imposed a deep disconnect between diverse groups across society. The stress and fear associated with the Coronavirus pandemic has inadvertently led to socially unacceptable behaviours – inspiring the need for change through the Common Ground project, an anti-racism campaign which aims to unite our communities through art and cultural exchange.

The Branding

The Common Ground Logo

common ground logo

Promotional Posters

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The Art Installation

common ground redesign of brisbane sign

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Anna Le

Anna is a 4th year IT/Interactive and Visual Design student who is passionate about creating for inclusivity and bringing together the community through art and culture. Through her final year project, Common Ground, Anna responds to the growth of racial prejudice and discrimination by designing an anti-racism event which sparks conversation about the issue to initiate social change.