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Discomfort Filters

Discomfort Filters is a 3-part artefact. This project came to me from a curiosity in the "what if…” world. What if social media filters were a part of our physical reality? I explored the vast world of speculative design, with the aid of trying to understand absurdism. This project aims to spark discussions with the audience about their own connection to social media photo filters. The artefact invites you to pick up a physical filter and take a photo! However, these filters are not like the cuddly soft filters you are used to on social media. They can be uncomfortable or discomforting to use. The purpose for this project is to explore the world of speculative design, building an understanding of the importance that speculative design can have on society but also to design. This project invited the participants to interact with the artefact, hopefully pushing participants into exploring the discussion of social media filters on society.

Dog Face Filter

Filters that allow users to add objects to their face is nothing new. They have been one of the most popular forms of filters to use in today’s world of technology. The dog filter is one of the most well knows of these filters, they simply add dog features to the user’s face. To convey a sense of discomfort, what would happen if our reality allowed people to express themselves with a realistic dog face? Participants will be able to have the dog mask in front of their face during a photo, they will be able to move and interact with the frame just as a normal filter would allow.

Environment Filter

Filters have moved from not just altering the users face, by simply putting elements on the user’s face, but to being able to alter the environment around them. This filter takes inspiration and focus on the pandemic to push the emphasis of discomfort through the recognition of an object resembling a virus. By doing so, it will hopefully let users fill a sense of discomfort from being close to a virus representation. Users are invited to stand in the middle of the frame, allowing them to have floating orbs around their profile.

Colour Gradient Filter

Filters are a great form of expression to all users. Some filters allow a user to express their emotions or feelings through colour, just like a mood ring. This filter allows participants to have this element of mood changing through a LED strip. Users are invited to wear and manipulate this rope how they so please. This filter lets the participant express how they are feeling. To cause a level of discomfort, the strip is connected to a rough rope, hopefully annoying the participant that wears it.

“There is no longer a single idea explaining everything, but an infinite number of essences giving a meaning to an infinite number of essence giving a meaning to a infinite number of objects”

Albert Camus, 1955

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Kalvin Crawforth

As a designer, Kalvin aims to focus on the audience and client’s perspective. Design should be a fluid industry, ever changing to what is new, while paying attention to our past. To be a designer now is to guide audiences into seeing futures where the designer’s outcome is at the front line. Through graphic design, interaction design and speculative design, Kalvin strives to make his mark on this heavy competitive industry.