Interactive & Visual

DJ/Producer Personal Branding Project

As graphic design and music are my main creative outlets, I developed this project to combine the two fields into one. Being a DJ/producer, I constantly have to portray a certain image online and so naturally I am quite into personal branding. Therefore with this in mind, I have created a set of four deliverables for this project that would most accurately represent and portray my DJ persona and branding through the use of graphic design. These include a T-Shirt design, an Instagram filter, a poster design and stickers.

Zoe Diakogiannis

Personally, Zoe uses design to express her unique, grungy and edgy creative style in ways that she otherwise wouldn’t be able to in her everyday life. She place importance on radiating positivity through her designs and hope that the very same positivity infects viewers and clients who lay eyes on her work to bring a smile to their face. Zoe believes it is her responsibility as a designer to build upon pre-existing designs and techniques by adding her own unique and personal flare to leave a lasting impact on the environments around her. Her designs are created to tell a story, challenge the norm and above all leave a lasting positive impact on anyone who views her work.