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Favor the Rat

The project ‘Favor the Rat’ looks at creating a digital visualization of the personality and brand of a children’s book by the same name. It looks to carefully present and highlight the book's themes of self-discovery and overcoming personal adversity in a fun appealing way to a young audience. It features high fidelity mock-ups of an Animation Animatic plus Storyboards and Interactive Website for the book.


Animation Animatic

Animation Storyboards


Website Video Demo

Website Still

Image of the main website design, an elephant next to a tent with various tiers of grass in front of it with various pictures hidden amongst the grass.

For a full version of this project with all assets and storyboards you can visit this website:

Storyboard and Assets

Jessica May

As a designer, Jessica May focuses on abstract visualization of complex narratives and identities, designing personal branding for the products and people they work with. Jessica aims to, through their work, create a fusion of artistic expression and analytical understanding, using visual communication skills to deeply explore and expertly reflect the product's design identity through various media outlets.