Interactive & Visual

Fossil Collector

Fossil Collector is an interactive AR app that was developed to attract and enhance the museum’s interactivity with their visitor. This project aims to improve the interaction between exhibits and visitors by focus on an individual adventure using the collectable cards which will be used to access a dinosaur 3D model and dinosaur’s intimate facts. Users can also enjoy a quick quiz to see if they have learnt any new facts about dinosours. It allows visitors to return home and enjoy sharing the experience with family and friends.

Video Link (1080p)

Hoang (Hieu) Le

Hieu Le is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and animator. With 2 years of experience working independently as a freelancer, he has helped build small business branding identities, helping them create logo, business cards and other forms of branding tools. Hieu is also passionate in drawing, digital imaging and gaming. With a creative background, he studied and practiced graphic design and animation at the Queensland University of Technology. For future directions, his multi-branding techniques incorporate various ever-changing design methods, which create his unique design signature. Through the philosophy “good design rapidly redefines itself,” Hieu adapts to contemporary design techniques and styles.