Interactive & Visual

Kaspian Creative Industries

Our mission - "To ignite creative potential and spark a new direction." At Kaspian Creative Industries we cultivate class, style and next-level innovation - the next big thing in corporate profile management. We pride ourselves on building our client’s brands to reach their best potential. As the premier choice for all corporate branding needs, Kaspian offers a full suite of services catered to your business and goals.

Isabella Aspromourgos

Kaspian ignites and engages business performance by establishing unique brand identity through inspirational marketing products. We believe in providing professional and high-quality graphical solutions for all your company needs. From exploring design problems, developing ideas to producing graphical solutions – we offer our clients a catered exclusive journey with Kaspian Creative Industries. Your vision is our goal.

Isabella Aspromourgos

To be a visual designer, there are many ways in which change in the world can be promoted. Isabella Aspromourgos achieves moment by promoting an open conversation about issues and brands through creative solutions. Awareness and engagement will increase by producing unique visual identities for clients on all types of platforms through meaningful designs. Being both physically and emotionally invested in creative work, this is an appealing trait to Isabella’s consumers. This method of work creates a friendly familiar environment in which designer-client relationships can produce the best outcome. Isabella Aspromourgos believes in the clients brand and moment.