Interactive & Visual


New on U is a website developed just through phone support, and it also is a learning and sustainability website. The aim of this website is to help users to solve user old or unnecessary clothes from their closet. Encourage other users to share their ideas and reutilization their unnecessary clothing. This website more focused for the novice, since some are novice at creating DIY clothing, they do not know how to start or how to sew. Therefore, this website will solve this problem, because user can follow the steps from the TUT page. These users then can learn more base technical skills and see other ideas which can inspire the user. Finally, they can upload the ideas by themselves. I created that ideas to encourage more novices participates, potentially allowing them to not have the fear to try something new. At the same time, I want to contribute to environmental sustainability because the disposal of clothing is currently not sustainable for the future. I want to inspire the public to give their old clothes a second chance.

Belinda Gu

Belinda Gu is an IVD student studying at QUT. She is really interested in graphic and interaction design. In the final exhibition show, she created a website all from a mobile phones. The purpose of the website is to help to reduction of clothes waste in the world, also develop user interesting in DIY, and reduce waste.