Interactive & Visual

‘Olden’ Fluid Colour Working Desk

Regarding interactive design, humans continue to rely more and more on technology, and at this rate, their connection with their physical space becomes disconnected, serving as a backdrop. ‘Fluid colour’ is an interactive desk that entices a tactile connection, and allows manipulation of colour theory to accommodate playful communication between the user’s emotions and their productivity.

Physical-based interaction design

The first desk to target wellbeing and productivty using colour-changing methods

Of the five formative years that I spent studying to become a designer, I’ve come to appreciate a common thread amongst my work. This is a strong interest in physical-based design, beyond the field of digital work which sparked the excitement for a project that challenges how we see Interactive design.

Crafted entirely from pine, acrylic and glass, the broad cabriole shoulders, sculpted legs and symmetrically curved railing, juxtaposed to the colourful glass interaction adds a modern and interactive edge to the otherwise traditional, historic and antique woodworking.

Tyler Russell

I am a continuously curious experience-focused graphic designer, with the excitement for physical-based design. I feel passionate about encouraging textural touch, interaction, and play throughout the process or outcome from design. With this I see myself accomplishing unique jobs in print media, branding, identity, and furniture design.