Interactive & Visual


(Re)act is an exploration of a live performance setting and an investigation into how interactive technologies can enhance the connections created between performer and audience within small to medium-sized venues.

Code from the prototype

(Re)act is an interaction design project that uses interaction artworks as the base of its research, these breaking down into connection, play, and engagement. (Re)act use this information and multiple benchmark projects as the foundation of research for its artifact, culminating into the project you see in the video. The technologies used consists of an Xbox Kinect, more specifically its IR (Infer Red) camera, and the coding software Processing 3. The camera takes information from the crowd movements in a live performance, the reason for the IR camera is due to this information being gathered in a low light setting where a normal camera would not be able to pick up differences in the crowd’s movements. The code then takes the information gathered and visualises the differences between frames, placing a circle where a difference is noticed. When lots of movement is detected, specifically by multiple people it lights up the screen creating a beautiful visual. The idea is that this visual created by the crowd creates a collaborative experience between the audience and performer, breaking down the divide of the groups blurring into a joint unique experience.

Josh O'Rourke

I am an Interactive Visual Designer with interests in logo development, digital art, branding, photography, UX/UI design, and coding. I have a general grunge aesthetic but I also like to incorporate flat, geometric, and monochromatic styles.