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Story Story Night

Story Story Night is a playful storybuilding application for adults that promotes self-expression and guides the user in creating visual storybooks based on daily prompts. It acts as a creative therapy tool for people who are looking for an activity to improve their mental wellbeing through creative escape.

Story Story Night

a playful Story-Building App for Adults

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Story Story Night is a playful therapy application for adults that promotes self-expression through storytelling. It guides the user through traditional narrative structures in order to create digital illustrated storybooks based on daily prompts. After outlining the narrative and characters, users are able to customise the pages of their storybook using graphics packs available within the app.

This project was initially designed to be a therapy application for people suffering from dementia. The aim was to create something playful that generates a stream for self-expression that doesn’t focus on memory but rather creativity and imagination. Since the project began, it has evolved into a creative therapy tool that extends to all people who are looking to improve their mental well-being or are interested in creating digital stories.

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Ebony Davy

Through my work I intend to create empathy-driven, user-centred solutions to the world’s most wicked problems. I aim to engage and delight users by taking a playful approach to design that weaves storytelling throughout the experience, making even the most wicked problems less intimidating.