Interactive & Visual

Tic Tac Lumosity

Tic Tac Lumosity is an interactive installation aimed at creating engagement in public spaces. Adapting an array of LED lights and putting them into a cylinder, the lights change colour based on how the different users play with the installation showcasing different visualisations per user.

The idea

The project had a principle idea from the beginning which was creating an exciting and engaging interactive installation for users to play with. Creating different visualisations based on how each user interacts with the installation.

These bright visualisations aim at attracting users towards the installation in the busy public areas. The installation’s ability to change colour based on how the users use it, keep them engaged continuously interacting with the installation.

The Process

The process of creating the interactive installation had three critical steps which was the initial sketch, the render and creating the installation itself.

These steps, coupled with the research around different theories surrounding the play, interaction types and creative engagement led to the effective completion of Tic Tac Lumosity.

The Installation

The installation takes inspiration from other existing physical interactive installations, adapting similar technology and techniques they used to successfully create an engaging interactive installation. Using an Arduino Uno as the brain for the installation, a gyroscope reads its position on its axis, sending that information back to the Arduino, which in turn changes the colour instantly. This allows the different users to spin the installation in any way they want and get a different colour array as the installation spins around.


As a designer, I have the ability to create connections within communities through the designs themselves. This was my philosophy. I am always looking for new ways to design to engage with audiences.