Interactive & Visual


TreeCare is an online retail business that aims to bring awareness to forestry related issues such as forest fires, forest degradation and deforestation. The main artefact is the Tree Care website, that allows users to browse through relevant information whilst also doubling as an E-Commerce store. All the deliverables presented were designed to raise the customers awareness whether it be through ways they can help, promoting awareness, or purchasing products that will have a percentage donated to relevant charities.

TreeCare Website

The Treecare website will be the main deliverable where users can purchase our clothing product, discover information, and be redirected to new information and charity websites.

To learn more, please visit our website:


Nathan Truong

Nathans design philosophy adheres to the phrase ‘functional but aesthetic’, meaning when designs lack visual appeal or has the inability to function as intended, he believes the connection between the designer and the audience will be limited. His work must be able to function as intended and succinctly connect to his audience whether it be through emotional design or aesthetic appeal. His design process aims to achieve balance between clean and trustworthy aesthetic with optimal functionality, allowing him to influence my audience as intended.