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You Are A Brand

Perceiving people as brands with unique personality traits, this strategy realisation project exhibits a selection of juxtaposing creative brand identities. Passionate about the amalgamation of strategic marketing and creative design, this project depicts my branding abilities through a variety of artistic mediums. My work seeks to demonstrate the significance of developing brands with personality and character, in order to communicate in a way that constructs a richer, more personal connection with consumers. What would your visual brand identity look like?

“YOU ARE A BRAND. WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.” – Marc Ecko, artist and fashion designer.

My personal design philosophy revolves around fundamental values of integrity, authenticity and unorthodox creativity. With an emphasis on brand communication, my work features projects that allow me to be original and innovative whilst reflecting my passion for engaging but simplistic design. As a designer, I seek to create works that reflect unparalleled creativity, in a way that confidently contributes to a brand’s message. Playing with mixed media, I have a strong appreciation for artistic designs that encompass out-of-the-box strategic thinking.


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With my heart set on a successful career in marketing, communications and creative branding, this project is the perfect concept to exhibit in my professional portfolio. Effectively showcasing my ability to produce varying creative brand identities, this project has helped me land a graduate position with Clemenger Group in 2021.

Molly Osborne

A recent Marketing and Interactive and Visual Design graduate, Molly has a passion for combining her artistic, creative flair with corporate business marketing.