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Yuri’s Flower Shop

This project aims to rebrand an imaginary flower shop by using Social Media as the digital platform to increase brand awareness. Personally, I feel that not many people have knowledge of different flower language. Many will just enter a flower shop and pick out the nicest looking bouquet without actually knowing the meaning of it. Therefore, through this project, I hope to educate the patron that different flowers have their own meaning.

Brand outline

The brand is Japanese theme inspired, with the use of gold to highlight the logo, bringing a sophisticated feeling to it while the dark green color helps to contrast the gold while symbolising growth and freshness. Lily was chosen as the logo is because it symbolises fresh life and rebirth. As I would like to provide the flower shop a fresh start, Lily is fitting towards the store concept. The word ‘Lily’ can be written as ‘Yuri’ in Japanese Katakana and therefore, its store name ‘Yuri’s Flower Shop’ in Japanese ‘Yu ri no hana ya’.

Store poster

This is the main store poster, that will be pasted on the main door of the store. The poster helps to create brand awareness to the patrons that are walking pass/entering the store.

Flower language poster

Different posters like this that talks about the different flower language will be hung around the store. Patrons can read it while waiting for their flower bouquet, thus, allowing them to gain knowledge on the different flower languages.

Wax seal design

A wax seal with the store logo on it was created to add on to the brand’s unique element. Using the logo as the main feature of the wax seal, I created a ‘magic circle’ around it to give it that mysterious yet elegant look to it.

The wax seal can be used for several purposes:
– Sealing greeting cards
– Be part of decoration on flower bouquet
– A gift tag

making of resin coaster

My feature of the store is the Resin Coaster that will be sold in the store. The resin is made of dried flowers from the store. Patrons can just pick it out while picking up their flower bouquet. The use of resin can help to enhance the beauty of the dried flower, creating a dainty looking coaster that can be gifted to someone. Using resin can also help to preserve the beauty of the flower, preventing it from withering and discoloring. Preserving the most beautiful moment.

wrapper design

This is an example of how the wrapping paper will look like for the flower bouquet. The content of it will consist of:

– Main flower that is being used in the bouquet
– The Month that the flower represent
– The flower language

The purpose of this, is to educate both the patron as well as the receiver of the bouquet and this will give the bouquet a little special touch onto it, making it more meaningful for the receiver.


I have set up an Instagram account for the flower shop. This allows the store to interact with their patron and also post interesting post onto the page. This can help build brand awareness and also attract potential patron to get to know the brand.

Sharlene Chan

Sharlene is extremely passionate about creative work and she constantly tries to learn new things as a designer, as she believes that design is constantly changing every day and there is always something new out there to explore and discover.